#TATW450 #ABGT001: The Beginning of the End “Trance Around the World” with Above & Beyond at Jaymahal Palace in Bangalore! The final TATW episode: Getting into the groove with Jody Wisternoff, Transcending to the next ‘Monolithic’ level with Andrew Bayer, Smashing the dance floor with ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ by Norin & Rad, Energized & Mesmerized by the outstanding Mat Zo and This Group Therapy 001 was then taken to a never-felt-before emotional connect by ‘Jono, Tony & Paavo’! *TEARS OF JOY* - Yes, that’s exactly how everyone felt once this E.P.I.C journey was over at 10pm on this memorable night of 10-11-12! THANKS A&B for honouring India with the very first Group Therapy :)

 #SUNBURN: The Noida edition of Asia’s greatest EDM festival will be forever etched in my memories and will have a most special place in my heart, for this was my first Sunburnt experience with my better half *Sheenum*! Right from getting featured on Sunburn youtube channel to being progressively tranced by Arnej & psychedelicly raved by Astral Projection, the SJ couple danced their way to pure musical nirvana at the Unitech Golf Park! The EDM journey of this loving couple had just begun, with many, many & many more to come! :D

 #GOA: Tickets Booked! The 2012 edition is going to be even bigger, larger & crazier than 2011. All Roads will lead to the heaven called ‘Goa’ with dearest bro *James* and my trance family members *Rajarshi* *Arijit* *AG Stoned*. However, 2011 Aussie trance family *Belinda* *Brett* *Kenny* *Kirstin* will be sorely missed. 2012 is going to end with a BANGER! If only we can have Deadmau5 this time? ;)

 #ASOT600: I could not sleep THAT night, the night of ASOT 587! Because when world’s no.1 DJ Armin Van Buuren announced MUMBAI as one of the venues for ASOT 600 Expedition tour in March 2013, the prayers of all Indian trance lovers were fulfilled beyond their wildest of dreams! GOOOOOSEBUMPSSSSS all around!!! :D


I don’t think we can THANK our EDM revolutionary Nikhil Chinapa & his legendary Submerge/Sunburn army enough for bringing so much joy to music lovers across India !!!

 Love you guys & we are now in “A STATE OF HAPPINESS” :) :) :)

5 Response to "A STATE OF HAPPINESS"

  1. Nice bro!! Its sounds as our SUNBURN charm just got luckier haha... As I have been talking over the last couple of days a perfect birthday wish granted by Armin to me and the Holy country India and Hope this spree never stops...

    Vishwas P says:

    OmG finally Armin's gig in India...Waiting...for ASOT march 16th:) Any guesses about the venue ?? Coz coming from Bengaluru to Mumbai for ASOT...so can plan the trip well if i come to know the venue ASAP...

    Blogger says:

    Sprinter - ChokeLine (170BPM)

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